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Renovation, moving houses or making changes in your home is often a stressful time. 
SWEIJER DESIGN is all about making your design process easier for you! 
You don’t need (if you don’t want of course), go through the pain and stress of getting quotes from diffrent carpenters and then hire a designer.

SWEIJER DESIGN have both the experienced carpenters and designer that can help you build the home you want!

We have now made it easier and less stressful for you by making it possible to book a design consultation directly online!

Just visit our website and choose the day and time that suit you.
You pay after the consultation is done and you can change/cancel the appointment anytime!

SWEIJER DESIGN offer you two different consultations. 

A pure DESIGN CONSULTATION where we start to go through furniture selection, colour consultation, floor plan solutions etc. 

The other one is a RENOVATION CONSULTATION where both a carpenter and I come over and we thoroughly go through the needs, wants and possibility for your home. 
You can then choose to hire your own contractors or decide to hire us going forward with the renovation.

If you reed this on our blog we give you 50% off on your consultatio! The only thing you need to do is to write the code: 


Write the code in the text box where you describe what you want to get help with!

    Agnes Sweijer

    Agnes Sweijer