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We are right in the middle of our project to totally transform the apartment on Malcolm Street.
It is so rewarding to finally see our design coming to life and all your visions and images are right there and even better in real life than on paper (or screen)!

The main bedroom is looking to be finished next week and that means we are starting to look at the details, one of the most important and fun aspects of the project!

This week it's all about rugs.
It can be daunting to stand in a shop and choose carpets, so many different variables to think of and so many questions to be answered!

What size do I need?
What colour should I choose?
Do I choose one with a pattern or do I keep it simple?
What is the different kinds of textures and what should I pick for my room?

Take a deep breath and start from the beginning.

Start by writing down what room you are looking to get the carpet for. Is there a lot of traffic, or is it more of a showcase room? What do you want the rug to do? Stand out and make a statement, or make the room feel more complete?

Then talk to an expert to get advice or take it in your own hands!

Temple and Webster have a guidebook you can download HERE



The last year we have seen a clear and strong trends. Rugs with oriental patterns are back and the worn out look is super hot!

We have chosen a couple of SWEIJER DESIGNS favourites picks.


      Agnes Sweijer      

      Agnes Sweijer



disclosure: this post was sponsored by Temple and Webster. We only work with brands and companies that we believe is standing for high quality products and standards.