What a week…

We are finally live!

With minimal experience of creating and designing a website I had to tackle this project with the attitude of learning by doing! No need to say how many times "10 deep breaths" have saved me from buying us a new computer... It finally came together and now we have a foundation that we can continually tweak and improve. 

We are now live online and so exiting with the warm welcome we got! 

SWEIJER DESIGN has been a dream and a part of me from such a young age… I have been creating and designing my own furniture and decorating for many years, and yes… I can admit, not everything has been coming out well, or even close to it. 

You live, you learn and you get better! Specially with a man with such a great joinery and building experience. 

After my move to Sydney, close to 4 years ago now, I started to miss my time in Sweden when I was able to create furniture with the Scandinavian style I was grown up with. So when we moved into a place with an outdoor area large enough to make formwork. I started to talk about creating our own table tops. That was the beginning of the idea that one day we could start our own shop. Today that dream is a reality and the seed that was planted is now showing its leafs.

It is an exiting time ahead and hope you will follow us and get more interior inspirations and see our new soon to come furniture!

Agnes SweijerComment